Episode 68: Apple Wants to Teach Us Something

- New bezelless iPad rumored coming at WWDC.
- WWDC confirmed for week of June 4th.
- Wireless charging pad and wireless Airpods charging case still rumored for March release.
- Apple holding education event on the 27th of March. Conveniently the day after recording.
- iPhone X in Blush Gold coming?
- More Watch bands.

Tech, kind of:
- Autonomous cars still need work.

- Google adding a new API to Maps for AR features.
- Google may have bought Lytro for $40 Million.
- Android P may not support apps developed for Android 4.1 or lower.
- Instant Apps in Google Play. 'Try before you buy.'
- Get $200 statement credit on Pixel 2 and/ or free 18 WATT charger from the Google Store until end of March.
- Original Pixel XL 8.1 update is messing with the way it charges. A fix is coming soon.
- Samsung has filed for a 'pull to extend' smartphone display.

- Microsoft is in talks with joining in on the Movies Anywhere fun.
- Facebook Video platform now on Xbox One.
- Pocket Casts, podcast player, now in the Microsoft Store.
- You can now buy certain hardware in the Microsoft Store.
- Edge is now on iPad and Android tablets.

- New games coming to Xbox Game Pass.
- Caleb and Wes are LOVING Sea of Thieves.
- Indie Game Spotlight of the Week: Earth Atlantis by Pixel Perfex.
- Fortnite on iOS is pretty great.
- PUBG is available on iOS and Android and it's also great.
- ARK: Survival Evolved launching on iOS this spring.
- Shadow of the Tomb Raider coming this year.
- Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 remaster rumored for this year.
- Lots of new games and updates came over the past couple of weeks.
- Oregon Trail handheld console available for $25 at Target. We all want one.
- Hell Blade is coming to Xbox One.