Episode 60: No News is Good News

As you may have guessed, this week was kind of a slow news week. But that's OK. We're still here to help pass the time.

- The Homepod is now being shipped to Apple. And FCC approval has also happened. Should be coming soon.
- Hopefully new Mac Pro and Mac Mini comes with it!
- Analytics are now available for artists on Apple Music.

M-Horse Pure 1 review. A $100 Android phone that doesn't totally suck.

- Google is giving a free Pen loop to go with your Pixel Book.
- OnePlus was targeted by a credit card hack and around 40,000 people could be affected.
- All of Motorola's planned phones for this year were leaked.

- Microsoft is working on an AI that will draw what you tell it to.
- New fonts page coming in Redstone 4.
- Minecraft Boss now the head of Microsoft Studios.
- Leaked Xbox Watch images. 

- Next gen Xbox Elite controller leaked.
- Age of Empires will be released on February 20.
- Full Metal Furies.
- Indie Game Spotlight of the Week: Tesla vs. Lovecraft from 10Tons LTD.