Episode 62: Earnings Calls

Yay for earnings calls! Or something like that. As for Microsoft, they are in the green. That's basically all they ever give us.

- They are still making lots and lots of money.
- Rumors suggest the next updates to macOS and iOS are just going to be focused on security and bug fixes. Kinda boring on the front end, but all in all good.

- Our thoughts on the rumor of Microsoft buying EA.
- Windows 10 S is dead.
- Microsoft is pushing an update to help you avoid scareware.
- Cortana on Android now has more lock screen and home screen support.
- Microsoft is making more apps for every other platform except their own.

- YouTube TV app is now available on Apple TV and Roku.
- Google is using machine learning to predict delayed flights.
- Google finished their acquisition of over 2000 HTC hardware employees.
- February security patches are available for Pixel devices.
- This update also turns on the Pixel Visual Core in Pixel 2 phones.
- Samsung confirmed it will release a foldable OLED screen in a phone this year.

- New Games with Gold.
- Shadow of Loot Box is only $5! Totally worth it.
- Anthem is being delayed until 2019.
- Mario Kart Tour is the next mobile game coming from Nintendo.
- Indie Game Spotlight of the Week: Shotgun Legends from Wastebasket Games.
- Mobile Game Spotlight of the Week: Run Sausage Run! from Crazy Labs. Available on Android and iOS.