Episode 61: HomePod Preorder

- Google Play finally has audio books.
- Google Clips is up for preorder.
- Google I/O is going to be May 8-10.
- Samsung sends out press invites to the Galaxy S9 announcement set for February 25.

- HomePod is now available for preorder. Official launch day is February 9.
- iPhone SE 2 potentially to launch in May or June.
- 13" Macbook Pro coming?
- iOS 11.3 will support Advanced Mobile Location.

General Tech:
- Facebook is going to give local news priority to major news publications.

- Teams is getting updated with more features. But not the ones that Caleb wants.
- Microsoft has sent out an update for Windows regarding the Meltdown issues.

- Microsoft acquires Playfab, a back end gaming developing company.
- Mixer is getting updates that help the viewers support the streamers.
- Xbox Game Pass will get new Microsoft games on the release date.
- Caleb and Wes are really enjoying Sea of Thieves.
- Overwatch got a new map, Blizzard World, and it's amazing.
- God of War for Playstation coming on April 20.
- Monster Hunter World is getting great reviews.
- Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition available for preorder now.
- Indie Game Spotlight of the Week: Shadow of Loot Box from Stately Snail.

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