Episode 59: CES 2018

This week is a lot of talk from CES 2018. A ton of new products with some sort of Virtual Assistant are coming. We talk about some of our favorite things from the show and what we think about them.

Oh, and you may want to turn off your Echo while listening to this. We say Alexa quite a bit. Sorry.

- Indie Game Spotlight of the Week: Warhammer: Vermintide 2, from Fatshark Studios.
- Sea of Thieves will be released March 20.

- Macbook Air is 10!

- New features coming soon for Windows 10 users.
- Skype gets encrypted calling.

- Awesome new feature in Google's Arts & Culture app. Android iOS
- Google bought Redux, a company that can turn your phone screen into a speaker.
- LG is no longer going to release phones on a yearly basis.
- LG has also reportedly scrapped the G7 and are starting from scrap.
- Google and Lenovo announce a standalone VR headset.

CES 2018! And Google wins CES.