Episode 54: Star Wars Phone

- New Photos Companion app for iOS and Android.
- A new ability to unlock your Lumia Windows phone.
- Microsoft Edge is now available on iOS and Android.
- Caleb talks about a lot of browsers you probably shouldn't download.

Google Opinion Rewards is apparently available on iOS!
- December security updates going live December 5.
- Have a Pixelbook or Samsung Chromebook Plus or Pro? Google is hooking you up with 6 months of Netflix.
- OnePlus has a Star Wars Edition 5T. And it's amazing.

- Apple let a major bug letting anybody with access to your Mac get root access. WTH Apple?
- PrimeSense team patents method of interacting with a desktop via gestures.
- Shipping times for iPhone X have dropped to 1 week.
- Rumors of a new/ discounted 9.7" iPad could be coming next year.
- The autocorrect bug in iOS has been fixed in iOS 11.2. Plus some other useful features.
- 2011 Mac Mini is now considered obsolete.

General Tech:
- HDMI 2.1 spec has been released.

- Mobile Game Spotlight of the Week: There is no game, by Kamizoto. Sadly, it's only available on Android.
Gimme Five for Windows Phone and Windows 10.
- Indie Game Spotlight of the Week: Hollowed, from Project Polish Productions.
- GRID Motorsport does run on the iPhone SE and 6S
Highlight Reel #353