Episode 45: Microsoft Mixed Reality

Microsoft has a lot of events. Almost too many. But that's what were here for. We keep track of them so you don't have to! Or at least we try.

- Brief overview of Microsoft's Ignite conference.
- Microsoft announce some new Mixed Reality headsets from multiple partners.
- Halo is coming to VR.
- Groove Music Pass is going away. Microsoft makes it easy to switch to Spotify.

PSA: Don't click on links in emails that you aren't expecting or you don't know where that link leads. Just don't do it.

Also, October security updates are available for Nexus and Pixel devices.

General Tech:
- The Essential Phone is selling very, very poorly.
- Amazon announces a bunch of new Echo devices.
- Google and Amazon can't agree on YouTube.
- Roku updates all of their products.
- Ring Protect security system announced.
- $3500 Insta360 Street View Ready camera available.

- Bill Gates admits to using an Android phone. With lots of Microsoft software.
- Google Play Movies is now offering certain UHD movies for $19.99.
- Google Store now taking certain phones as a trade in for credit towards a new phone.

- Super Mario Run update is here. And it's pretty great.
- Cuphead is out. It's awesome! But so difficult!
- Xbox Live games with Gold.
- Overwatch Halloween event starts next week.
- Indie game spotlight of the week: Hob from Runic Games Inc.
- Flower, from That Game Company is on iOS.

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