Episode 43: One More Thing...

That's right. We've got one more thing. Not really. Just some more talk about Apple's event. And a few other things you may care about.

- Bing adds fact checking to search results.
- UWP is now gaining the ability to utilize your entire computer. Because apparently that wasn't a thing before...
- Minecraft is coming to Nintendo 3DS
- Microsoft Pix for iOS gets smarter.

- Clarification on iTunes no longer supporting apps.
- A11 benchmarks are great. We're not surprised.
- More details about Face ID. We're actually pretty excited to see where it goes.
- We give more opinions about the upcoming iPhones.
- iPhone 8 and 8 Plus sales are not even close to what they normally are.

- Bose QuietComfort 35 II with Google Assistant leaked and also found on shelves at Best Buy.
- You can now disable the Bixby button. Still can't reroute it.
- Motorola is lying to it's customers and you should probably avoid buying one of their phones.
- Google has officially said that October 4 will be when the Pixel 2 is announced.

- Nintendo announces a bunch of games coming to various systems.
- AT&T now has a game on Android. AT&T Threat Defender
- Indie spotlight of the week: Divinity: Original Sin 2
-  PS4 and Xbox non-selective cross play in Fortnite.

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