Episode 41: IFA 2017 and LG V30

We've got a lot of stuff to talk about this week. Well, Landen does. IFA 2017 happened this past week and lots of interesting products were announced. So sit back and relax.

- Microsoft and Amazon are teaming up for Cortana and Alexa integration.
- Story Remix, the cool video editing software Microsoft showed off, is finally coming to Windows 10 Insiders.
- Mixer is now out of Beta for Android and iOS.

- We now have an official date and location for the iPhone launch. Hint, it's what we were all expecting.

- Google announces ARCore coming to Android 7.0 and up.
- A whole bunch of new Assistant compatible speakers were announced. The best of the lot come from JBL.
- Assistant on the phone get screenshot capabilities.
- You're dishwasher is about to get Google Assistant and Alexa support.
- YouTube TV is available in even more markets. Still a pretty great deal.

- New phones from Sony, Motorola
- A bunch of Sony phones are getting the Android 8.0 update.
- The LG V30 is announced and steals the show.

General Tech:
- Garmin and Samsung have some new and updated fitness bands and smartwatches
- Harmon Kardon announces an Alexa enabled speaker.
- A new 400GB miscroSD card.
- Shero has 2 new Star Wars remote control Droids: R2-D2 and BB-9E

- Disney and Lenovo team up to make an awesome Star Wars AR game that we all want.

- Indie Game of the week: Songbringer.

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