Episode 40: Note 8

- Samsung announced the new Note 8 and it's impressive but also quite expensive.
- Verizon sucks.
- Fitbit announced a new smartwatch, the Ionic, and it seems like a pretty good watch if you're looking to get into this market. Also if you don't care what your watch looks like.
- You will now be able to use your voice to buy things from Walmart via the Google Assistant.
- Google is working on some headphones with built in Assistant.
- Google announced Chrome Enterprise for business. Does not have anything to do with the Enterprise on Star Trek.
- Pixel 2 announcement date to be on October 5.

- We've been given a little bit of a sneak peak at what Microsoft is doing with their mixed reality plans.
- Forget this made up media 'war' between Xbox and Playstation. We want an actual gaming war tournament between Xbox gamers and Playstation gamers.

- Apple's iPhone is rumored to be on either September 12 or 13. We're leaning towards the 12. And now we wait.

- Indie game of the week: Saurian, an open world game where you play as a dinosaur and try to survive.
- Alto's Odyssey is unfortunately being delayed a couple of more months.
- Half Life is most likely, definitely over.
- Xbox Live Gold September games are revealed.

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