Wes's Tech Overview

All of us have decided to post what tech we are currently using so it's time to go over the tech I have and possible upgrades I may be looking at in this year. Lets get right down to it.

Personal Computer- I am currently running MSI Motherboard, Intel i3 2120 processor, 16 Gigs of ram, two Nvidia GTX 560's. Triton Headset, two Monitors. Warcraft Cataclysm mouse, Logitech g510 Keyboard, Logitech webcam, Creative stereo speakers.

I am looking to get a full upgrade of all my PC parts in a couple months and will share at that time what I am getting. This set up has been great for gaming and all the things I need for the moment.

Wearable- Microsoft Surface band 2, will be changing to fit bit band for work purposes. Where I work does an incentive program if I use a fit bit band.

Tablet- Surface Pro 3 Intel i5 processor, it also includes the arc mouse, surface pen, and keyboard.

Image result for surface pro 3 i5

Phone- Lumia 950, 64gb memory card.

Console- Original Xbox one, with Kinect, and 2 TB hard drive

Modem and Router- Motorola cable modem Linksys router

Television- Samsung 32 inch, nothing too special

So far that is my tech that I use, and I will update this as I continue to get more.