Wes's 2017 wishlist

I have been giving 2017 a lot of thought and what I wish to see of the tech world come to life in this next year, so I, just like my comrades have put together a wish list for this next year. Alight its time for Wes's 2017 wishlist, brace yourself, get ready cause here we go!

1. Play anywhere

One of the biggest things I'm looking forward to is the push that Microsoft is taking for its play anywhere initiative. This is the ability to play a game on your personal computer or if you decide you would like to play on your Xbox you can play there, with this you can still play with friends and family that use either system as well with no restrictions. Oh yes and you don't have to buy the same game for both PC and Xbox, you only buy it once and its yours on both!

What I am hoping to see with this technology in 2017 is not only more games available to adapt this technology, but to enhance it. I would love to hook up a keyboard and mouse to my Xbox and play games that way is one example. I know this sounds silly, but i would love to play a full game on my phone, but that may be another topic with the new arm processors. 

2. Arm Processors

Ever since the announcement of Microsoft and the ARM processors I have been so excited to see what becomes of it. I know this partnership will do many great things to help innovate and push the technology world in many different ways, but I want it now! I know I must wait and give them time but what I wish for 2017 is progress on this, I would love to see this Microsoft tech push Apple, Google, and all it competitors to bring their great ideas forward and out to the consumer so that the consumer can keep winning in this tech war.

3. Window Phone

Yes I am wishing for a windows phone, a 7 in screen surface with cellular capabilities, or a phone with windows 10 with updated hardware. With all the talk and rumors with the new ARM processors this has so much light and future in 2017, I would love to see this revealed or announced in the next few months maybe CES? Who knows but would love to see this.

Thank you for reading and going on this short journey and hope all your tech wishes come true for you as well.