Landen's 2017 Wishlist

As a tech enthusiast I always think about what is going on in the tech world. I also like to think about what is going to happen and am always following all the rumors. Even if a good chunk of them are ridiculous and will most likely not happen.

Most tech blogs will give you there predictions for the upcoming year but we didn't want to do that. We wanted to give what we wish is going to happen this year. Things that may or (more likely) may not actually happen but we would really like to see.

So here is my list of things that I wish to happen in 2017. You'll probably notice that my list is mostly Android and Google things. Which shouldn't surprise anyone.

1. Better Wearables

This wish does not only apply to Android Wear. This goes for all wearables in general. I currently own the 1st Gen Moto 360 and I really like it. Android Wear works all right as it is. But it could definitely be improved. The same goes for watchOS.

Honestly, both platforms need to figure out what a wearable is supposed to do. Right now it seems like both Apple and Google are trying to make them do so much that they are just too gimmicky. Which is a very Samsung thing for them to do. Samsung has done this over the years as a way to test out a bunch of random features and then eventually does away with the ones that no one uses. It's not necessarily a bad way to do things, it just takes a little longer to get a great product out.

What I want to see is better battery life, similar to what most fitness bands are getting. Also a simpler, more useable interface. Android Wear originally had a fairly nice and easy to use interface. But Google has added a bit too much and made it somewhat clunky.

And I want to see them come down in price. Unfortunately because of Apple pricing the Apple Watch so high, it's made other companies do similar things with there watches. Smart watches aren't going to be something you can pass on to your kids like a regular watch. They are going to need to be updated every 2-4 years. And stop trying to make LTE capable wearables a thing. Now.

Likelihood - Maybe 30%. I know Google is rumored to be releasing there own watches soon and have been holding out on releasing an update for Android Wear. So I would like to assume that that means they've been working on fixing some things. Unfortunately I don't see the price coming down much this year.

2. More usability from Chrome OS

Chrome OS has been very intriguing to me from the very beginning. A basic computer OS made to be used like most people use laptops, the Internet. Over the years Google has only improved what you can do with a Chromebook, the most noteworthy is the ability to run Android Apps. This, alone, has made me more seriously consider getting one as my personal laptop.

What I would like to see from Google is to make Chrome OS a bigger competitor to Windows and macOS. I would like the ability to run larger applications like Photoshop. Make Chrome OS a bit more suited toward the professionals.

Likelihood - 40%. I'm giving this a little higher percentage than I had thought I would mostly because  of what Microsoft is doing with Windows. Being able to run full Windows on ARM processors will hopefully put some fire under Google and help push Chrome OS to the next level.

3. USB-C on the next iPhone

Before I get into this, yes I'm the Google guy. But I do still like the iPhone. And I have selfish reasons for this one. As much as I hate it, it doesn't usually matter what other companies do when it comes to making waves in the tech world. The average consumer only sees what Apple does. And apparently it is the same way with most accessory makers.

If Apple were to do this it would only mean that more companies would start making more and more USB-C accessories. Which mean more options for Android and Windows users. And we'd be back to a universal charging method. Yes, it means that we all, once again, have to switch to something else. Oh, the horror!!! Don't worry. You'll get over it. And then be happy you switched.

Likelihood - 90%. You might think that that is high. But think about it. The new MacBook and MacBook Pro both only have USB-C ports. Currently, if you were to buy a new iPhone and a new MacBook, you wouldn't be able to connect them with the provided cables. And USB-C is superior to the Lightning port.

4. Google Glass or something like it

This one is obviously a wish. I've been a big fan of virtual reality and augmented reality for quite some time. I have 2 Google Cardboard headsets and I just recently got a Daydream View headset. I really like what Microsoft is doing with Hololens. And I definitely want more of that type of stuff.

But what I want here is some sort of heads-up display type glasses that I can use all of time. But something that looks more normal than Google Glass. I want eyeglasses that can give me notifications, Maps, voice search. You know, the basics. The biggest thing people complained about with Glass was the camera. I wouldn't care if that was taken out. I don't need it. I can see the usefulness of having one, but I also see the privacy issue that goes along with it.

Likelihood - NOPE! -500% Do I even need to explain this one? In case you didn't know, Google Glass was a pretty big flop. Mostly because of price. I think it's too early for something like this. I do think it will happen, eventually. But not this year. Unfortunately.