Skinja Skins

As I mentioned in our latest podcast, I wanted to post a few pictures of the new Skinja skin I got for my Pixel XL. I also want to give a little more of my opinion of it after having it for a few days.

I have used Skinja products on a couple of different phones. My Nexus 6 and now my Pixel XL. I've been happy with both experiences so far. On both phones I just used back skins as I also had tempered glass screen protectors on the front and the skin wouldn't have worked well.

On my Nexus 6, the back skin was literally just on the back. It had very distinct edges to separate the side of the device from the back. This made it really easy to use with a clear case (which is what I did) or without.

The Pixel XL is a bit different. The edges on it are more rounded and allow for the skin to follow the metal frame around to the side of the device. I tried putting on the Spigen case that I have and it was definitely more difficult to put on the phone. Case tolerances have definitely gotten tighter over the years and it shows here. Having the sides and back covered with the skin add a bit more protection against drops, unlike on the Nexus 6 option, and give a more uniform look.

As you can see in the pictures, the cutouts are quite precise on the skin. The only parts that show some of the metal frame are around the power and volume buttons, but it is quite minimal. The slight thickness of the skin does make it a little more difficult to find the power button, at least on my device, as they are just about level with each other.  Installation is not the easiest, you need to use a blow dryer or some sort of heat gun get it to work just right. Such is the case with any skin like this, though.

Overall the Skinja skin is quite nice and fits very well on my phone. The one I have on my phone is the Matte Black version. They have quite a variety of colors and textures to choose from on multiple different models of device, including the original NES.

So if you're looking to add a little extra protection and personality without buying a case, this is definitely a great option. Check out all that they have to offer over at their site And as I mentioned in the podcast, they're going to be having a pretty good Black Friday sale.